A few steps. No more. No less.

1. You and I go through your product and identify if I can help;

2. You choose an area where you need consulting;

- Gather functional and non-functional requirements. Analyze and create user stories and tasks. Taking into account possible risks, impediments, and assumptions.

- Choose the most efficient and suitable programming language, programming paradigm, technologies, tools, and database.

- Estimate effort based on the chosen technologies - projected duration and cost, team composition / capacity / velocity.

- Create a roadmap for milestones: Proof of Concept, Prototype, Minimum Viable Product, and Further Iterations.

- Full support during Software Development Life Cycle.

- Implementing Agile in an organization.

- Ensuring and enforcing Software Engineering Best Practices: Clean Code, Code Quality, Structure, Architecture, System Design, Naming Convention, Style Guide, Standardization, Documenting, Code Reviews, Unit/Integration/End-to-End/Load Testing, Security, Monitoring, Maintenance, Deployment, Infrastructure, Backups.

3. I can gather a team and outsource your project 

(in that case you don't pay for consulting)